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 Carpe Diem

 Vogeleieren - Bird Eggs


 Holland at Sea in Cross Stitch

 Happy to Love You

 Because of You

  • Shop
    • Needlepoint Kits  Here you will find our carefully assembled stitching kits for cushions in tapestry. This colourful handiwork is pleasant to make and will enhance your home. Our luxurious kits are put together with first class materials such as canvas from Zweigart and tapestry wool from Anchor.
    • Cross stitch kits  Here you will find our stitching patterns for cross stitch. The patterns can be immediately downloaded. Original designs that are pictural, fresh and modern. They are all designed as counted work from the start.

  • Techniques
    • Stitching  General indications, details and tips for cross stitching and other types of stitching. About fabrics, threads and accessories.
    • Tapestry  Tapestry terms, the common stitches that are used such as petit point, basketweave and continental tent stitch, and of course, everything about threads and the canvas.
    • Finishing  Framing stitching, finishing cushions, making a Christmas stocking and lots more exciting ways to liven up your stitching.

  • Tools
    • Sample display  This is (the beginning of) an overview of many samples, made to one single charted design. The pattern is made with many kinds of threads and stitching fabric in various stitches and techniques. Here you can get some ideas for your next stitching project.
    • Calculator  Practical counting tools that are used for preparation. Calculate the size of your stitching and the necessary fabric. Convert inches into centimetres. Calculate round sizes for things such as roll cushions and flat, round cushions.
    • Text in stitches  Enter your own text in and print it out as a charted design. You can choose from several kinds of fonts. Stitch your own words in cross stitch or backstitch.
    • Graph paper  Download graph paper to make your own charted design or to rearrange existing patterns. Square sizes according to usual stitching fabrics.

  • Projects
    • For kids  Fun projects for kids or to make with kids.
    • Stitching course  Free stitching course.
    • Sampler & sample book  Free ‘blackwork’ pattern series.
    • Patchwork  Plaid made of patches with small embroidery. Free work description.
    • Quick projects  Quick effect and quickly made. Decorations and gifts.

  • Inspiration
    • Grid Gallery  Another take on charted design, done in all types of non-textile materials, stitched on a different kind background and using the charted design itself as a theme.
    • Stitching circle  Overview of historical and contemporary stitching projects in which (mostly) women work together.