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 Carpe Diem in cross stitch  Carpe Diem in cross stitch
Farben:2 oder 10 farben
Zählmuster:230 × 153
8 Kr/cm: 28,7 × 19,1 cm
20 Kr/inch: 11.3" × 7.5"
€ 10,50
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Carpe Diem

All wise lines to live up to... This design is very nice to stitch, even for beginners. Line by line, word by word, or letter by letter. I myself like the make little goals-for-the-evening when I'm stitching. Goals I also easily alter on the fly thinking 'tomorrow is another day'!

This design is stitched in cross stitch and back stitches. The pink and orange model is stitched in 10 colors of floss, with 1 thread on very fine aida (with 8 blocks/cm - 20 blocks/inch). The green model is stitched with a blue-green variegated color (DMC Color Variations) in combinations with a solid color for the little letters in backstitch. You can choose any variegated color you like!

This pattern is 230 stitches wide and 153 stitches high. Use the counted stitch calculator to calculate the measurements of your canvas and project. The 8 pages of this pattern will print correctly on 'letter size' as well as on 'size A4'.