Stickpackung in Gobelinstickerei - das Kissen Madame Primula  
Madame Primula
Apple Square
Rosi Rosa
Saintpaulia Blues
Booming Blooming
Little Fellows
 Alphabet Jam

 My Aunties Garden

 Carpe Diem


 Happy to Love You

 Because of You

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 Madame Primula
 Saintpaulia Duo
Preis:  79,50
Farben:26 Farben
Zählmuster: 179 × 179
39,0 × 39,0 cm
(15.3 × 15.3 inch)

Madame Primula

This exuberant lady makes every day at home a festive one! The detailed flowers and planes and stripes ensure a pleasant diversity in the stitching.

The cushion is stitched in basketweave with 26 colours of tapestry wool from Anchor on mono canvas with 46 stitches per 10 cm. With the basketweave method you can make the prettiest 'half crosses', a technique that offers additional shape retention and a longer lifespan. The kit contains enough thread to stitch the design in basketweave.
Our model is finished with a piping of thick lilac wool, and a grey-blue back of the same wool quality. (Fabrics are not included.)