Stickpackung in Gobelinstickerei - das Kissen Rosi Rosa  
Madame Primula
Apple Square
Rosi Rosa
Saintpaulia Blues
Booming Blooming
Little Fellows
 Alphabet Jam

 My Aunties Garden

 Carpe Diem


 Happy to Love You

 Because of You

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 Rosi Rosa
 Saintpaulia Duo
Preis:  74,50
Farben:17 Farben
Zählmuster: 177 × 177
38,5 × 38,5 cm
(15.2 × 15.2 inch)

Rosi Rosa

Opulent, animated roses in beautiful colours, combined with trendy stripes.

The cushion is stitched in basketweave with 19 lively tints of tapestry wool from Anchor on mono canvas, with 46 stitches per 10 cm. This full pattern is very easy to stitch, made up of small areas as there is little background. This cushion is finished with a border of 'longarm crosses' for which the kit contains enough light blue thread.