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 Because of You

Counted patterns usually evoke ideas of stitching and knitting, yet there are many more possibilities. For example, tile your bathroom or terrace with a pattern, decorate a flowerpot with a pattern, or make a fly curtain with patterned threading beads. Once you start, you will find all kinds of applications and suitable materials! The grid gallery has three sections, each with its own approach to counted designs. Get inspired and let your imagination run free!

Here I used the charted design itself as a pattern. All parts of the charted design have a material and/or technique allocated to it: the lattice lines, the symbols, the legend and the colour streaks. Once you have started with a different take on charted design, there is no end in sight. Now all you need is to find the time to execute all these ideas! Binnenkort meer.

The pattern from the sample display is shown here again, this time not stitched, but actually made in all types of non-textile materials. Easy ideas include tiles and Ministeck, but flowers or sweets can also make an attractive pattern. Binnenkort meer.

The step from stitching on linen to stitching on gauze is not that big. But imagine patterns on treillis? And decorating a drain grid with cross stitching may not be very practical but it is very nice! Have a look at these experiments for in- and outdoors. Binnenkort meer.